TRA N SIT. The “City of the Strait”, Messina and Reggio Calabria, is a place of the mind, a space missing geographic coordinates, even if these are present in the everyday life of its inhabitants, albeit unwittingly. Text and Photography: Maria Rosa Russo.

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10 Seconds

10 Seconds. Only 10 Seconds to learn to see in the shapes, the colours. 10 Seconds is the second chapter by Suq. Uconventional Sicily.

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The place of the clouds

There is a place in Sicily where the clouds lie down. More than a real place, it actually is something like an envelope, a box strewn with resin before, and kilometers of parched and dry land after.

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The Eye of God

The Eye of God is the first chapter in Suq Magazine.
A vision that focuses on unconventional island looking for the real beauty and wilderness.

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